You can accept donations or tips during your Crowdcast event!

To do this, you'll need to set up Stripe (the integrated payment processing system Crowdcast uses) to accept payments, and you'll also need to turn on the Contributions feature in the event itself.

To use the Donate button during your event first head over to your integrations settings and setup Stripe.

Please keep in mind that currently donations can only be made and accepted in US Dollars.

Follow the instructions to "Connect Stripe". This is where your payments will go. If you skip this step people won't be able to donate.

Then go to "My Events", and click "Edit" on the event you want to add the donate button to.

Click the "Advanced" tab from the left menu.

Here you'll have the option to "Accept contributions", toggle this to "Yes".

​And type in the message you'd like to display when attendees are prompted to donate.

This will create a new tab on the bottom of your event that attendees can expand to donate.

​At any point during your event you can click on the donate button yourself to have it appear as a pop up.

​Just click "Prompt for contribution" whenever you're ready.

Your audience will then see a prompt like this:

​Note that your plan's processing fee, the Stripe transaction fees, and minimal deposit will still apply. See processing fees here

Can I accept payments outside of Crowdcast?

Yes, you can. You can use the Call-to-Action box on your event homepage to paste a link to an external payment page that you manage. Or check out the integration possibilities with other payment apps, like PayPal!

Note: Tipping possibilities are a bit different when it comes to an event with Adult Content – learn more here.

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