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Yes, we support adult content creators! We use the term “adult content” to mark content that ventures into R-rated/mature territory.

Crowdcast is a place where all types of creators come to stream their live content. We are here to support your creativity, however we need to ensure content is sensitive to all our users, of all ages who are watching events on Crowdcast.

What types of adult content can I host?


You can post nude content of both real and fictional subjects. However:

  • You cannot share content involving minors.

  • You cannot share intimate photos or videos of someone produced or distributed without their consent.


We do not allow pornographic material or sexual services on Crowdcast. We define pornography as "real or fictional people engaging in sexual acts such as masturbation or sexual intercourse on camera."

How can I host mature content?

To host adult content, you must reach out to customer support [email protected] to have your account approved. After it is approved, your events will not show up on the homepage or when someone searches in Discover.

You can distribute the URL on social media, Patreon, etc, but it will not be found in direct searches on Crowdcast.

Can I charge for mature content?

Yes, you can! However, please note that our payment system, Stripe, restricts payments for adult content. This means that you cannot accept any payments directly through Crowdcast.

If you would like to accept tips, you can set up a call-to-action button on your event which links out to your own payments site.

Here's how to set up the Call-to-Action button.

If you have a Patreon account and are running Patron-only events, your payments will come through Patreon, and not Stripe.

Have questions or suggestions? Email us at [email protected]. Happy Crowdcasting! 🎥

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