Do you want to share pre-recorded videos in a live session? When sharing your screen on Crowdcast, you may realize that sound playing on your computer won't be shared as well. Here are some alternatives while we work on allowing you to share videos natively on Crowdcast.

1 – Use RTMP Studio

You can always share pre-recorded content with RTMP studio. Checkout the video here: 

Learn more here and see docs here.

2 – Use an app to loop the audio from your speakers into the mic

If you own a Mac, an app called Loopback is the go-to for Crowdcasters.

If you own a PC, and app called VoiceMeeter is the go-to.

*Both of these apps have been tested in several Crowdcast events successfully.

3 – Virtualize your Webcam

Virtualizing your webcam allows you to use your Wirecast, OBS, or Ecamm Live software through your browser! This is able to be utilized with Firefox as your browser, and most recently Chrome Beta with Wirecast.
*This may cost extra with your software, but not through Crowdcast.

If you have any questions about these options, don't hesitate to reach out to Customer Support! 

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