Recently LinkedIn launched in beta the ability to broadcast live video to your LinkedIn connections. However, it is available for a limited number of members and LinkedIn Pages. To apply to be a member or page with LinkedIn live access, click here.

If you are approved, follow the steps below to go live.

LinkedIn doesn't support custom streaming through RTMP yet, so for now you'll have to set up a 3rd Party tool called "" to connect to your LinkedIn account, don't worry you can stay on their free plan. Follow the steps in their video here, you'll have to just set this up once. 

Now that you have LinkedIn connected to Restream, you'll receive a Server URL (they call it an RTMP URL) and a Stream Key, save these somewhere safe as you'll need them anytime you want to stream to LinkedIn. 

Screenshot of Restream server URL and stream key

Now, next time you want to stream your crowdcast to LinkedIn, simply paste that Server URL and Stream Key as a custom multistream endpoint before you go live. You can click on "Edit" in your crowdcast to open the form:

Screenshot of multistreams section with server URL and stream key sections circled.

🚀That's it! You can now bring your crowdcast to a new audience on LinkedIn :) 

We recommend pasting your crowdcast event url in you LinkedIn Live post so that viewers watching the stream on LinkedIn can register for your crowdcast. This way you can collect email addresses and allow them to join you on screen. 

Enjoy the superpowers. We'll be working with the LinkedIn team to have native streaming right from Crowdcast in the future but in the meantime let us know if you have any questions or ideas via our support chat or email [email protected].

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