We created a way for you to share moments by creating 15 second long clips from your public live events and replays to share with your community.

If viewers of these clips want to see the rest of the stream, they can register for your crowdcast. With shareable clips, your attendees market your event while sharing valuable content with their followers and you get new registrations. That's a win-win-win scenario. Here's how it works.

  1. While watching a live event, click the "Clip moment" button on the bottom left. If you're watching a replay, simply navigate to a point in the replay, pause the video, and click the same button.

2. Next you'll be able to select a 15 second clip from the last 5 minutes. Drag the orange slider to find the start of the moment you'd like to share.

3. Then give your clip a descriptive title and click "Create"

3. Finally, copy the link or share directly to a social media platform. You can even embed clips in blog posts. 🚀

Some things to keep in mind

Clips are only possible on your public Crowdcasts and not enabled on RTMP studio sessions yet. If you prefer not to let users share 15 second long clips, simply edit your event and make it unlisted.

We recommend that at the start of your event your encourage your viewers to share clips from your Crowdcast. Additionally, throughout the live session, if a great moment happens encourage the viewers to share that clip. This will keep clip sharing top of mind and help increase the number of new viewers being referred to your event.

Also, when you edit and upload a new video the share clips feature is disabled as the clips are of the old video and not of the new one.

Viewer experience

We've done some optimizations to make clips appear prominent in social feeds. Here's what a moment looks like on twitter:

And here's what a user sees after clicking on the tweet. Click here to see the actual clip.

Note that the user can only see 15 seconds before needing to register to watch the rest.


Finally the analytics page will show how many users registered or viewed the registration page from shared clips. Simply scroll down to the UTM Campaigns section and look for the campaign titled "clips".

We hope you and your viewers love sharing clips from your crowdcasts. If you have any ideas or suggestions about moment sharing please shoot us a message at [email protected]

Enjoy :)

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