Why your video is blurry

A blurry video stream can typically happen for two reasons.

Reason 1: Poor bandwidth

If your bandwidth suffers during an event, this can lead to pixilated video quality. We highly recommend working through this technical checklist before going live with your event. If possible, use a wired Ethernet connection or alternatively situate yourself close to the router.

Reason 2: Your computer's processing power

Some users machines may be underpowered or slowed down by certain processes.

If your computer is low on RAM, you can choose to use a process consuming browser such as Brave.

What happens when your video is significantly pixellated

When a 15% packet loss is detected, we will automatically turn off the video stream and drop down to audio only to assist in providing the best possible experience to an end-user.

How toggling HD video during a live event can help

When streaming live on Crowdcast using the in-browser method to go live, and not RTMP, you'll see an "HD" icon when you hover over your screen which can allow you to stream in HD.

When the icon is red, HD is off and you're streaming at a resolution of 480p.

HD Camera button is red which means it's off

When the icon is green, HD is on and you're streaming at a resolution of 720p.

HD Camera button is green which means it's on

Important notes:

• To stream up to 720p you have to have a camera that supports it. Most modern webcams and laptops support a 720p resolution.

• Crowdcast saves the settings from your most recent session, so you only need to set it once and it'll remember it for next time.

Have questions or suggestions? Email us at [email protected]. Happy Crowdcasting! 🎥

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