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It's often useful to have one or more of your team members in support roles as admins during your event. We've set up Crowdcast so that you can have multiple people simultaneously logged into your host account with access to all host controls.

Your admins can moderate the chat, polls, and Q&A while you focus on what's important โ€“ your presentation! Your admins can also assist with bringing speakers on and off stage and help your attendees navigate between sessions in a multi-session event.

Only one admin can be on-stage within a session at a time. For example, if you are hosting a multi-session event, you may have one host on-stage in session A and one host on-stage in session B. Each session can still have admins logged into the host account and acting as unseen moderators in the background.

When your admins join you in the green room, they can simply click "No" when prompted to enable their camera and mic.

Automated prompt to enable your camera or mic

Not to worry if someone accidentally clicks "Yes, let's go." This is an automated prompt. No one can kick the initial host off-camera.

Please keep in mind that the primary host always takes up one of the available four or six seats depending on your plan. This is true even if their camera is disabled.

Are you a host who doesn't want to appear on-stage at all? Perhaps you'd like to chat with speakers in the green room but never appear on-stage yourself. The initial host must accept the green room prompt to enable your camera or mic in order to access the host controls, but you can disable both before going live.

Host controls with mic and camera toggled off

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