Often times you may want to allow multiple people from your team to be the admin of an event. We're working on the ability to promote any attendees and users to have admin privileges but in the meantime you have a few other options. 

We've set up Crowdcast in a way where you can actually have multiple people and devices logged in as the admin at the same time.

You can also log into the same session on multiple devices. Keep in mind that only 1 admin can be on-stage at a time. For example if you had 3 devices logged in as the admin, only one of those can have their camera and mic on. This way you can have other teammates logged in as the admin without their camera or mic on to moderate the event in the background.

If you have any questions on have multiple users be the admin for an event, just shoot us a message via our support chat or email [email protected]. 😄

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