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One of the most popular email marketing softwares on the market is ConvertKit. We are proud to have a direct integration with them. With this integration, you can convert attendees into email subscribers and truly own your audience.

Screenshot with a link to the blog written about the crowdcast and convertkit integration.

It's simple to set-up! First, go to your ConvertKit account page and copy your API Secret:

API Secret within ConvertKit highlighted

Be aware that if you accidentally copy the API Key, your tags won't work! Be sure to double-check that you're copying the API secret.

Now go to your Crowdcast integrations page, scroll down to ConvertKit, paste your API Secret, and click Connect.

Pasting API secret in crowdcast

How it works

Our deep integration with Convertkit makes all sorts of automations possible โ€“ whether you want to segment your live attendees and those who missed your event into different campaigns or send your registered participants a free PDF!

Here's what segmenting your live attendees for a specific event into a ConvertKit tag would look like:

The trigger, filters and actions within crowdcast

Each Rule (1) that you create has a...

  • Trigger (2): the action taken by your audience member

  • Filter (3): circumstances where this trigger will happen such as specific event keywords

  • Action (4): what will take place after a matched trigger and filter.

You can even add additional actions (5) if that suits your needs too.

Check out this blog post for pro-tips on how to make the most of this deep integration with ConvertKit.

Have questions or suggestions? Email us at [email protected]. Happy Crowdcasting! ๐ŸŽฅ

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