Crowdcast has the ability to record your events in HD. Viewers can view your recordings when the replay is available in the browser but sometimes you may want to download the recordings and upload them elsewhere. You can upload the original but if your connection is having trouble with uploading large files, here is how you can make them smaller. 

1) Download Handbrake

Handbrake is an application that can resize your videos into other sizes and formats. In technical terms, this is called "transcoding".  It's available on all platforms, you can download Handbrake here.

2) Open your recording in Handbrake

Then under the preset menu choose a smaller size like "Fast 480p30".

Screenshot of the difference size options within Handbrake.

3) Click start

Now your video is processing and after a few minutes, you should have a smaller file that is easier to upload to other services :)

If you have any questions just shoot us a message via our support chat or email [email protected].

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