Chrome audio sharing

Due to some recent updates, any Chrome based browser (Brave and Microsoft Edge) now give you the ability to share audio within the browser during an event. When sharing a Chrome based tab or entire screen, you can tick a "share audio" button and your attendees will hear the sound from any pre-recorded video hosted on any site. You also have the option to share an mp3 or mp4 from your own computer.

While we recommend the use of a Chrome browser due to recent updates, if you wish to use another browser or are an avid OBS user, this article is perfect for you.

OBS option

Crowdcast RTMP Studio enables you to use professional live streaming software with Crowdcast. In this article we will show you how to connect OBS to a Crowdcast event.

To see a full list of all the software and apps you can connect to your live event click here.

We made a quick video to show you how to connect to OBS and how to share a pre-recorded video:

If you prefer to follow along with text and images, open up OBS and set up your camera and scenes then follow the steps below.

🎥 Steps to go live

1. Start the studio engine.

2. In OBS, go to "Settings > Stream > Stream Type: Custom Streaming Server".

3. Copy & paste the Server URL and Stream key.

4. When you're ready to go live simply click on "Start Streaming".

By default RTMP Studio will deliver the video quality at the quality received from your encoder app or gear. We recommend streaming your video at 720p at 2500-4000 kbps for the best experience. 

🚀 That's it! You're now live and broadcasting to your crowdcast.

While live, all the powers of OBS is available to you including sharing recorded videos, lower thirds, intro/outro videos, screen-sharing and more.

When you're ready to end the broadcast click on the "End Broadcast" button in Crowdcast and then "Stop Streaming" in OBS.

Got stuck or have any suggestions? We'd love your feedback. Feel free to shoot us a message :)

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