If you get the below message where your video should be in Crowdcast, you need to enable a setting in YouTube.

The Issue:

YouTube now requires Monetization to be enabled and a linked AdSense account for you to embed your live stream (this is required for use with Crowdcast).

The Fix:

1. Sign into YouTube with the Google account you live stream from. Then visit http://www.youtube.com/features and make sure monetization, live streaming, and embed live streams are all enabled. (See arrows below!)

2. Connect AdSense.

Once you’ve enabled the above settings, click on the “active AdSense account” link under Paid Content. Here you can connect an existing AdSense account or apply for a new one. Follow the system instructions to go through the process.

Once you’ve applied for an AdSense account, you’ll get a response that accounts are under review and will take up to a week for approval.  However, Google Help has indicated that applications for AdSense from YouTube are usually reviewed within 48 hours. (Some of our users have been approved in just 12 hours.)

Notice that your account may list paid content as “ineligible." You may be ineligible for paid content because your YouTube account has less than 1,000 subscribers.  However, this will not prevent you from linking an AdSense account and embedding videos.  YouTube’s eligibility criteria for paid content can be found right here.

3. Configure Monetization

Go to https://www.youtube.com/advanced_settings and click the checkbox shown below to allow advertisements to be displayed with your videos.

Don’t worry – as long as your video does not have a content ID claim or match to 3rd party content (i.e. have a copyright issue), ads will only show if you monetize the specific video yourself. 

4. Test it out! Once AdSense and Monetization are enabled, test things out! (Click here for instructions on importing a YouTube live video.)

If you've done everything above and are still getting an embed error, contact YouTube support here:

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