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First things first! You will need to be using Google Chrome, preferably, to share your screen in Crowdcast.

There are a few ways to share your slides in Keynote.

Full Screen – To share a Keynote presentation, follow these steps: 

1. Open Keynote on your computer and have your presentation ready. Share your screen and select "your entire screen".

Hover over your video stream to select 'share screen' option
After selecting 'share screen' a pop up appears to allow you to select 'your entire screen'

2. Navigate to the Keynote on your Desktop and then press play. 

Highlighting the 'play' button in Keynotes

Important Notes

  • Your audience will see that beautiful full-screen presentation, but you won't be able to see Crowdcast.

💡 Pro Tip: You can open the Crowdcast event on another device during the presentation to allow you to still keep an eye on the chat.

Window Mode – There is a way to share a Keynote presentation while still being about to see the Crowdcast window.

1. When choosing what window to share in Crowdcast, pick Keynote.

After selecting 'share screen' a pop up appears to allow you to select 'application window''

2. Then press Command+Option+T to hide the tool bar. Then go to View > Slide Only and View > Hide Presenter notes to only show the slides. Now you've made the slides take up as much of the screen as possible and you can navigate back and forth with function(key labeled 'fn')+arrow down.

💡 Pro Tip: You can then resize and lay the presentation on top of your Crowdcast to keep an eye on the chat :)

Resized Keynote document to fit in the center of the crowdcast stream.

Export to HTML – A quick export can turn your presentation into a web-friendly document with all animations and transitions intact. 

Export your Keynote presentation to HTML and open the HTML file in Chrome or Safari (not all browsers are compatible with Keynote HTML). Follow the above steps & select the window with the HTML file open.

💡 Pro Tip: Use the director controls to focus or unfocus the presentation.

Hovering over the video fo the screen share, reveals an option to 'unfocus' the screen
Both the host and screen share videos are now equal in size.

Have questions or suggestions? Email us at [email protected]. Happy Crowdcasting! 🎥

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