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The Basics

1. Click  "Share screen" from the video controls toolbar: 

Hovering over your video feed will reveal an option to share your screen

2. Select the window or tab you want to share (or share your entire desktop). Remember that if you're sharing audio, you have to check the Share audio box.

3. Re-size the Crowdcast window and the screen you're sharing so you can view both at the same time (Avoid this if you're sharing your entire desktop. Having the Crowdcast window open will create an infinity mirror effect.)

4. The stage within Crowdcast will autofocus your presentation or shared window. You can adjust how the screen share is displayed on screen by changing the focus in Crowdcast. To do this, hover over your profile icon in the bottom left part of your screen until the video controls toolbar appears. From there, click the "focus screen" button to toggle the stage's focus between your camera and your screen share.

When in screen share mode, hovering over your own video/avatar will reveal an option to change focus

Sharing a Slide Presentation

Why is my screen not sharing on my Mac?

Your screen sharing/recording may not be fully on. To check go to:
System Preferences/Security & Privacy, make sure to provide permission under both "Screen Recording" and "Accessibility".

Important Notes

  • If you’re on a Starter or Lite plan:

    Crowdcast allows you to present up to four (4) screens at once.

    This could include the host (1), two (2) guests, and one (1) screen share OR three (3) guests and the host.

  • If you’re on a Pro or Business plan:

    Crowdcast allows you to present up to six (6) screens at once.

    This could include the host (1), three (3) guests, and two (2) screen share OR five (5) guests and the host (1).

  • To share audio with your screen share, use a Chromium-based browser (such as Chrome, Brave, or Edge) and select "Share Audio" at the bottom of the window, like this:

screen shot of

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