The Basics

  1. Click  "Screen Share" right below your video broadcast 

3. Select the window you want to share (or share your entire desktop)

4. Re-size the crowdcast window and the screen you're sharing so you can view both at the same time (Avoid this if you're sharing your entire desktop. Having the crowdcast window open will create an infinity mirror effect.)

5. The screen will autofocus your presentation or shared window.  You can adjust the screen share ratio on screen by changing the focus in crowdcast, like this:


Sharing a Slide Presentation


Click here for full instructions on screen sharing a Powerpoint.


Click here for full instructions on screen sharing a Keynote

Pro Tip: Crowdcast allows you to present up to 4 screens at once. This could include the host, two (2) guests, and one (1) screen share OR three (3) guests and the host.

Help! Why is my screen not sharing on my Mac?
Your screen sharing/recording may not be fully on. To check go to:
System Preferences/Security & Privacy, make sure check both "sh" options under "Screen Record" and also "Accessibility". 

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