1. Go to this url when logged in to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/my_live_events?action_create_live_event=1. Keep it the default "Quick" setting for Google Hangouts on Air and choose your preferred privacy setting from the dropdown list.

2. Next, you should be launched into a Hangout. Copy the youtube embed URL on the bottom right.

3. Now, open up the crowdcast and use the "Import Hangout, Livestream & more" button

4. Paste the youtube link into the modal and save

5. Back in the Hangout window, click Start Broadcast and you're good to go! 

Important note: If you get the below message where your video should be in Crowdcast, you need to enable a setting in YouTube.
Click here for full instructions on how to do this.  



Re-size your windows to see both the hangouts broadcast and crowdcast window at the same time. (Remember to mute yourself in Crowdcast or you'll hear a delayed echo.)

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