First things first!
Before we get started, install the Crowdcast Screen Sharing extension in Google Chrome right here (Yep, you need to be using Google Chrome to share your screen in Crowdcast. Download Chrome)

Onto the fun stuff...

  1. Open up your Powerpoint presentation and click Set up Show in the Slide Show menu. Then select Browsed by an individual (window):

2. Start your presentation and enter into presenter (slide show) mode. 

3. From your crowdcast, select Share Screen.

4. Choose the Powerpoint application window and select share

5. Re-size the Crowdcast window and Powerpoint so they are side by side on your desktop. Now you can see everything! Move through your presentation, keep an eye on the chat and Q&A, and control what your audience sees.

6. You're done! Go live, do your thing, present that Powerpoint!

Use the director controls to focus or un-focus the presentation. :)

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